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Are you mad yet? / 16 March 2016

Are you mad enough to be yourself, even if the loneliest song?

Are you mad enough to dream your dreams, say your words, and do your thing?

Are you mad enough to love in a world that wants your hate?

Are you mad enough to shout, ‘This isn’t right’ in a world that functions so well on being so wrong?

Are you mad enough to a small brave light, when cowardice has the shiniest star?

Are you mad enough to cut the puppet strings, even if the world tries to turn them into a harvest of nooses?

Are you mad enough to stand up against a ceiling made only tall enough for those on their knees?

Are you mad enough to say the world is hurting you, and want no sedation to be ready for more hurt?

Are you mad enough to open your arms in front of closed doors, walls and borders, in front of human beings?

Are you mad enough not to feed the machine, with pointless things that fill nothing and kill everything?

Are you mad enough to be ugly in a beautiful world of greed, war, and hatred?

Are you mad enough yet?



26 March 2016

Definitely. Great words Dolly xx

Rich Downes

20 March 2016

i think so

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