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Comic relief anti-stigma film

I was in Comic Relief's anti-stigma film that they showed on BBC. It was just a shame they showed it after midnight where not many people saw it. A few of my friends are also on the film, like Dawn Willis and Devon Marston. Here is the link  

Posted by Dolly Sen, 27 March 2009

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 27 March 2009

Dominatrix and Disabled?

Allo there again,

I know the title sounds like it should be on gumtree but this is not for personal reasons. Honest.

Are there any Dominatrix and Disabled people out there? I want to make a short documentary on the subject, and am interested if anyone wants to share their story.

Normal people are generally uncomfortable about disability and sexuality for some strange reason, well, accepting that, I want to push the boundaries even further and show that our sexual tastes are just as wide.

I am going to come out of  the closet and admit I am a dominatrix myself, so you are in good hands!


Posted by Dolly Sen, 23 March 2009

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 23 March 2009

My Strange Nature

My concentration is shit at the moment, but I am able to write lyrics here and there on napkins and envelopes. Of course, the songs reflect the haunting sunshine my mind seems to be currently burning with. I wrote the following on a Sainsbury till receipt:

My strange nature


My sunrises are made of bones

My trees know how to bleed

My rain kills butterflies
I can fly but I will never be freed


Clouds are slaughtered sheep

And the wind are dreams without a home

No one wants to hear my volcano heart


My strange nature


My strange nature

I hope this strange nature show has been entertaining, although I do not have the David Attenborough commentary as auditory hallucination to offer you. Sorry about that.

Posted by Dolly Sen, 18 March 2009

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 18 March 2009

Welcome to Neurodisney

Hello there people, I know I have been slack in updating this blog, but the Neurodisney that is my madness can sometimes take you for a ride you don't want to go on. Or it is a wonderfully strange ride but there is no getting off and no seatbelts. My visual hallucinations at the moment are pretty horrible at the moment, a horror movie I am forced to watch again and again, turning my soul into a blackboard where every breath scratches its fingernails across it. Yes, I am feeling shit.

But still keeping busy. I have to, otherwise I don't believe there is a world beyond the ride. It gives me some control, even if it is only biting the bollocks of the monster that is scratching its nails across the blackboard. The latest thing I have done is some tv work. Here are the links xxx 

Posted by Dolly Sen, 15 March 2009

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 2 April 2009