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ConText within FLINT / 20 November 2012

in a warm orange glow Kat, in a loose A-line dress, stands almost a silhouette, before a microphone with a balloon on each side of her

image by Tim Blazdell and Alma Haser

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Amazing weekend! Con.text within FLINT was an experiment, being an intense process of working in the space with artists and audiences for the duration of this Microfest - ca. 13.00 to 22.00 on both Saturday (at Salisbury Arts Centre) and Sunday (The Pound, Corsham).

It was also the first Con.Text piece where I asked people to leave traces of themselves as documentation of our meeting and conversation. So I now possess two tiny booklets stuffed full of creative evidence.

And of course a headful of material for a section of work that will sit within the whole, but with it's own unique identity, as befits the occasion.

My first after- impression evolves around the surprising fact that while the generous and intriguing conversations in Salisbury Arts Centre were mostly offered at the beginning of the day, with audiences growing more introspective (and exhausted - in a good way) as the night wore on, in Corsham my experience was quite opposite.

Here the day began with rather hesitant curiosity and conversations were guarded, even confrontational, in spite of my best efforts. However, into the evening, as people relaxed, the conversations rolled out with a personal generosity that was both stimulating and energising and I was sad to come to the end.

I did thoroughly enjoy both days.


Aren't you Somebody's mother?

I am. I am indeed,

somebody's mother, but

now, in this space, I

would like to think I looked more;

more than audience; more

than mother and more

like the artist - here

in my own right;

more like one of the few who

work in the arts surviving

the degree, children,

love, life, the taxman

and so much other pressure;

hanging in,

being able;

and by the way

not that

Somebody's mother.


I learned a lot. Not just from having wonderful Con.Text conversations or from being present at great performances, but about how Con.Text might work as part of a Microfest. I also learned a lot more about being the performer within Con.Text and I am already looking forward to putting things into practice during 'People Like You' (the Exhibition that will result from this work, in spring 2013).

And I can hardly wait to start assembling the conversations, editing, putting together the Con.Text document and creating the textual piece!




Keywords: attitudes,con.text,diverse perspectives,identity,poetry,words