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Difficult Con.Text / 5 November 2012

My work exists only

to say that it shouldn't

be here. I channel

all my protest into

it's creation; people

say it is beautiful:

where can they buy it.

They miss the point.

It should't be here.


Degrees of passion differentiate the artists absorbed in the issue of sustainability. The desire to change people motivates their practice.

This results in my most difficult Con.Text conversations yet. My own creative striving for the degree of detachment and impartiality that validates Con.Text pieces is directly at odds with the engagement that drives these artists to communicate the urgency of their concerns.

Communication that reaches into the realms of aesthetics, justice and morality, using intellect, emotion and instinct to fight it's cause is really hard to distance oneself from.


Here are the artists who shoulder humanity's guilt

for the escalating misuse of our beautiful blue planet.

Here are the artists burdened with a need to mend, to heal,

to patch up the wounds they are powerless to prevent.

Here are the artists who unfold their dreams of a better world.


And here are the artists who know that the issues speak for themselves. Their task merely to draw attention on as many levels as they can.


Revealing beauty, in

the careful partnership

of creator and living

wood, unravels knowledge:

acts of despicable design

that will not remain silent

and require articulation;

demand the corruption

of beauty to sign screams

that haunt the finest

polished grain

of that we call our







Keywords: artist,poetry,sustainability