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Conversation and performance. / 4 November 2012

Conversations with performing artists can feel a bit like a guessing game. How much of it is performance? I may not know, or guess. Halfway through it may dawn on me and I might make a hasty revaluation...not to ignore something, but to change how I present it.



Its an offer. Take it or leave it.

I'm only trying to hold up a mirror.

What you see is inside of yourself;

You are your own story, and for that

you, and only you, are responsible.

Take as much as you need; all you can bare,

you are the story, your story the art.



Performance art might have the greatest opportunity for mismatch, and probably the greatest chance of surprising and challenging it's audience. The offer is tempered by the size of the venue and it's facilities, Salisbury Arts Centre's homegrown offers have the advantage of working with this from the outset, yet resident companies can lack the excitement and glamour of the visiting company coping with the challenges of presenting in the unaccustomed space of a converted church.



I need to make work that is attractive and

accessible to people, deaf people and

people with limited social, language skills;

work with space for imaginations

other than mine; open to ranges of age

experience, aspiration and culture.

I need to make work that is accessible.



I'm impressed with the efforts being made to deliver performances that really engage people and of all those I have conversations with, performance artists spend the most time and energy researching and experimenting with this. Generally speaking they seem to show a greater awareness of how they might connect with the lives of their audiences and appear feel a sense of responsibility for what gets taken home and maybe incorporated into other lives.



We agonise, if that's not too strong a word,

over the journey; not in the pain, but more

in the tormented excitement of making

discoveries. The process of picking out

pathways, to expose the irresistible

offer; to entice with the fruits that linger

hidden, forbidden, in the darker spaces

that connect and disconnect travellers.







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