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New Con.Text 4 / 8 October 2012

Con.Text conversations with artists are reasonably straightforward, but sometimes conversation with an arts venue visitor can be quite overwhelming; some in a good way that results in great text, like when I find myself chatting to someone who is just so open to what might be on offer, keen to make forays into something other, hopeful of finding some kinds of clues to the adventures of life; hints or clarifications to the mysteries that surround them unfolding and beckoning through the artist's creative output.

Some conversations just work away at me without any textual results.

Many of these conversations seem to be at odds with how I (and indeed other visual artists I have Con.Text conversations with), made work, but they have been having a real influence on how I seek to develop.

Is it coincidence that I am again creating the soft sculptures, humanoid pieces that require me to listen even as they evolve as visual expressions of Con.Text conversations?

Before making Con.Text pieces, I had a different relationship with my visual practice. The intense gestation stage would freeze-frame abruptly when the work took on enough form. I stopped listening and was very intent on communicating the moment. I was less prepared to allow the work space to speak for itself, eager to create layers of access, of meaning, to communicate with as diverse an audience as possible.

I never presumed any kind of connection or goodwill or imagined any kind of need other than my own consuming passion to create, but in the last few years my journey has been taking me beyond the stop-motion nature of exhibition, toward a longer, holistic view, and playing with the whole process of creative control.


Me, think about art?

What I think is,

it was incredibly selfish

of my parents

to birth me, knowing. Condemning

me to the hell of disability.

I will never

have children, I will live lonely.

I hate my life;

I hate my body, the burden of it.

I wish only to be

thrown back in the gene-pool

to emerge as

somebody else.

Is this art?

You won't write it

you'll say it's


that I will change my mind.

You will silence me.


And I will not

have a voice.