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New Con.Text 2 / 30 September 2012

I work my way into Con.Text pieces allowing gut feelings to lead me until the work begins to shape it's own identity and acquires a title. The conversations are performance in their own right, and as such have a sufficiency that does not demand automatic documentation as a text.

The ephemeral nature of this work is starting to feel out of place in a world where everything is recorded and perhaps also at odds with it's nature as research and evaluation. I have begun to list names, but am wondering if photographs might be a more balanced solution as maintaining the visual interest is important to me.


At this stage conversations still have a very random nature; I wonder if that will carry into the final edit and how it will express itself. In keeping with the randomness, the early conversations jump about all over the place and are not even confined to this country.


Don't expect any faddy words here,

in this theatre we're all handicapped

and proud of it. I notice she was

using the medical we; she doesn't

consider herself handicapped, or

even a tiny bit disabled,

They carry that burden, not She.


I wonder if I should be including admin in the conversations, but conclude that that is a whole new project.


Out of all this, a quite specific plan for the positioning of the conversations is evolving; besides those happening at Salisbury Arts Centre, there will be two other bodies of conversations, both 'touring'.

The first, Con.Text within FLINT, will follow 2destinationlanguage's cutting edge microfest from Salisbury Arts Centre to the Pound, Corsham, over the weekend 17 - 18 November.

The second will be taking place during the touring exhibition 'People Like You' that will happen as a result of this commission and will be part of it's evaluation - more details as the project evolves.

These layers mean the sections will each have their individual edits so that they can stand alone as well as be integral the finished work.

And, since I feel the blogs should be telling a story, it means they also have their own edit, without revealing too much, because I would still like the final Con.Text piece to be a unique experience.


This isn't really accessible. No.

It is as it is. His smile disarms.

Like a small toy in an out of scale

dolls house I reach into the wheelless

reality. The disarming smile

rides on empathy that is not geared

to the challenge; or motivated

to fight for the change that would include

me, sitting, wheelborne.


My reaching out

finds no reward.

I turn away,

rejected by this art happening

over my head, art for the standing;

art in another dimension.