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Chapter 8 – The Postie (again)

Outside Terry was still twitching. Jason kept a careful eye on him as he edged back toward the house. He knew enough about these things to know he had to take care of Terry for good.

Any attempt at mercy would inevitably backfire tragically. That was how these things worked. Problem was he wasn’t actually sure what he should do to 'kill' Terry for the second time. Zombie lore was kind of hazy about how to actually disable a zombie permanently.

Most of the time people just wanted to slow the zombie down just long enough to escape. A volley of bullets would usually suffice. Trouble was Jason intended to stay here for a while. Terry was moving just a little, arms flailing gently in the sunlight.

He was no danger to Jason right now but, presumably, quite soon things would be very different. Jason felt as though he ought to devise some devious way of finishing off Terry but nothing came to mind. He was ashamed by his lack of ingenuity but reached again for the shovel. He still had no real idea what to do but he guessed that separating the head from the body would work. You never see a headless zombie, do you?

He placed one foot on Terry’s undulating chest, raised the shovel as though he was about to dig into soil, turned it through 90° and thrust it down as hard as he could. It took some more thrusts and some back and forth twisting but before too long there was a separate head and torso seeping ashy blood onto the grass.