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Suzanne Bull MBE gives a run-down of some of the organisations' successes in supporting music venues and festivals to ensure better access provision for Deaf and disabled people.

  • Assisting over 362 organisations to improve their access in 2013/14
  • As a result of working with Glastonbury Festival to improve the access facilities, disabled people’s attendance has increased from 195 in 2007, to over 1500 disabled people, their friends and family booked into the accessible campsite in 2013.
  • As a result of working with Festival Republic, the number of Deaf and disabled customers buying tickets to Reading Festival increased 111% in 2013, with 358 attending compared to 170 in 2012. Even after providing free access to Personal Assistants, accessible tickets sales are in excess of £115,000 before taking into account of additional bar, concessions and stalls revenue.
  • Our Access Toolkit was awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark because it has “the potential to make real and lasting impact on nationwide celebrations leading up to the Games.” ISAN chose us as their partner organisation in access to write the Access Toolkit because of our specific experience in working with Festivals. 
  • Club Attitude has had 900 attendees, including a well-respected music industry guest list. It attracted press attention from NME, Guardian, Metro and Time Out.
  • In 2.5 years, we have trained 1100 people over 65 sessions– our estimated target was to train 1200 from 2011 – 2015.
  • After working with Tower Hamlets Arts and Events Team to make the Charter of Best Practice an Event Standard on for all festivals that take place in Victoria Park and hosting regular training courses for Southwark Revealed since 2009, this led to our commission from the GLA on the Summer Like No Other where we ran an access consultancy project during the Cultural Olympiad. Our evaluation report has made recommendations for Local Authority and GLA run / produced events on how access can be improved.
  • We wrote AEG Live’s access tender for Hyde Park events and then subsequently won the access consultancy to work on British Summer Time 2012/13. This success led to us being commissioned this year 2014.
  • We completed a consultancy for the London Legacy Development Corporation which influenced the access for Liberty Festival and will set standards for remaining festivals on the Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Our State of Access Report 2014 revealed that the music industry is missing out on £66 million a year through inaccessible ticketing and that investing in disabled access to live music events increases ticket sales. As a result of our work we have set up a Working Party to explore improved ticketing systems for disabled customers.
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