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Alice Holland is a trainee producer, shadowing Trish Wheatley for a year to learn Arts Management and Producing for Disability Arts. She has previously been a showgirl, fire-eater, pornographer and continues an illustrious career as an uppity feminist.

iF Platform, Brighton Fringe

11 May 2016


The iF Platform is back, this time taking on Brighton Fringe and a fresh audience of curious, critical and creative disabled artists and allies. Hosted by Stopgap Dance and the Sallis Benney Theatre on Monday May 9th 2016. Bookended by daft flatulent cabaret from Moxie Brawl and ‘The Awakening Process’ film from Stopgap, the first session was on Funding, always a tricky subject and a conversation frequently filled with high emotions, wether it be down to cuts, broader social...

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