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Alice Holland is a trainee producer, shadowing Trish Wheatley for a year to learn Arts Management and Producing for Disability Arts. She has previously been a showgirl, fire-eater, pornographer and continues an illustrious career as an uppity feminist.

Shaping A Diverse Future

16 July 2015


portrait photo of Mhairi Black

Hey everyone, howdedo? I'm pooped from another Immersed in 360 exhibition (running at Plymouth Uni until Friday) but cheered to have found a new poitical in-up in the barnstorming form of Mhairi "halt the rollout of PIP in Scotland" Black who's maiden speech this week made me want to stand on my chair and cheer. Love her.  Bleak times are upon us, but Black's vigorous performance and absundance of common sense and compassion are giving me hope for a new generation of...

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Crowdfunding: Basics and Case Study

9 June 2015


Proving wildly successful for some and a total wet fart for others, crowdfunding is a formulaic process that requires planning, perseverance and, preferably, an existing strong fanbase or audience for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. It’s easy to focus on the funds, but without a crowd you ain’t gonna get ‘em. Alright kids, this is going to be a long post as it's something I've been thinking on for weeks whilst I've been putting together a...

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