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Alan Hopwood initially trained as an engineer, before gaining a BA Hons Degree and a Masters in fine art. Following 12 years as a lecturer in Fine Art, Alan has returned to his primary passion of painting. As a disabled person, Alan’s work is often both governed and informed by his condition. Working as his mobility allows, on small or large pieces or using digital media and photography, Alan finds that, despite his limitations, he can nearly always find some creative activity to engage himself in. Alan uses his fluctuating condition as the subject for his work, he is drawn to subjects that reflected his mood, bringing this back into his studio to create works that use a more abstract language to express human emotion.

Feb 2018 Blog New Art Project

19 February 2018


New Project for 2018 It’s been quite some time since my last blog, 2017 proved to be a very difficult year with my condition and other factors hitting hard. I was only able to complete one painting but I did manage to exhibit it at the Leicester New Walk Museum and Art Gallery for the LSA show, I even won a prize so that was a positive end to the year at least. In the hope that 2018 will be better I have started a new art project. Exploring my disability, the chronic pain and fatigue;...

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