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25 March 2016

Colin Hambrook

I got a message from Shape after these comments had been published saying that there was audio description for the exhibition at Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects. It was also uploaded to Soundcloud. I didn't see any information about audio-description and so assumed there was none. Apologies, I should have asked to check details.

24 February 2016

Colin Hambrook

The exhibition wouldn't be accessible to a visually-impaired audience Debs, so in that sense it's only partially accessible. But then of course it would take a whole load of funding to create AD for an exhibition of this nature. Should we throw the baby out with the bath water? I think not.

16 February 2016

Peter Mansell

Hey, I'm really chuffed at that review Colin - thanks. I attached another set for the sake of it.

15 February 2016

Deborah Caulfield

In hesitating to use the word ‘accessible’ to describe My Life, are you (not) saying the exhibition isn't accessible?

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