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Chatting to A Chugger - Quite possibly the last in the series / 5 December 2012

Tinky Winikey with His Hitler moustache has drawn by Richard Downes

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The language in this one is not consistent with my the language I would normally use as a disabled person committed to the social model and i apologisein advance for any offence caused. It was not meant butit was inthe story as it unfolded.

A vision in purple with an aerial on his head stands outside marks and Sparks rattling a tin.
Who are you?
Tinky Winky
Why dress like that?
It gives people something to remember
I think you are lal lah
No he's the yellow one
I still think you're lahlah i say as I walk away


Clap hands children if you ever thought your needs wold bebest met by tinky winky