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Oska Bright Film Festival hits the road again / 23 October 2014

Sarah and Tina at the Nottingham Broadway Cinema

Sarah and Tina at Nottingham Broadway Cinema

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This was our very first tour event 2014! We showed music videos and some dreamy films about people to the friendly audience at the Nottingham Broadway Cinema.

The films looked absolutely fantastic in the new cinema package that we put together.
We met Isabel from Salamanda Tandem, she was really interested in working with us.  We also met Jill from Pulp Friction smoothie bar - she runs a pedal powered cinema, and she might like to hire some of our films.

Some of the audience said afterwards…

“I think you are doing an amazing job and I want you to keep being great role models”

“I think it’s right what you said about people with disabilities being able to do what anyone else can do”

“Outstanding, beautiful, moving!”

“we had a lovely time and really enjoyed the films - can’t wait to make our own entry!”

“Moving, thought provoking, need to be seen by more people”

Next we’re off to work with First Movement in Derbyshire.