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New Vision of Disability / 3 July 2012

‘Where there is no vision the people perish’ proverbs 29-18


Since leaving Footsteps Arts two years ago I have been campaigning for a better deal for mental health service users and in the process realising the need for a new approach to disability. Pan disability uniting all the disabilities including people, mental health problems with physical disabilities, those with learning disabilities and also vulnerable people.

I’ve started an online discussion group and I need some expert advice from experienced people from physical and intellectual disabilities backgrounds plus fellow travellers.

I have the support of Footsteps Arts, Ealing Centre for Independent Living (ECIL), Paranoia Network, and Disability Politics UK. Also to approach my RSA fellowship associates. I intend to gather all the ideas together to create a report and invite all the major players to have a important conference in the summer of 2013. Some of the topics already included in our working document are: -

• I have a dream- martin Luther king
• Unity and greater solidarity
• Pluralism
• New charter
• Human rights
• Disabled tube map
• New needs
• Pan disabilities
• R&D-step outside the box
• Spokesperson
• Long term planning
• Pro-active, Cando
• Celebrate achievement
• Address poverty
• Ethical brands- disability, and spending power
• Symbolism
• D day template
• Positive image
• Review user involvement process and funding manipulation
• New & old media presence
• Expert-by-experience validity
• Sheltered workshops
• Summit conference
• Language
• Unity and greater solidarity
• Follow new thinking on campaigning

‘A New Vision of Disability’ to creating new possibilities for a better world.