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Poems for Café C / 9 October 2011

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Cover of poetry pamphlet Poems for Cafe C

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I am poet in residence at Cafe Church - a community that meets for coffee and doughnuts in the lounge at St John’s, West Ealing. Here is a small sample of poems from my poetry pamphlet 'Poems for Cafe C' published by St John’s Church, Mattock Lane, London W13 9LA

Could be me, could be you, could do better
I’m for the guy that is on the run,
the outward traveller, the homeless one,
the one whose life is hard and not much fun.

I’m for the girl who’s a mental health user,
a victim of violence and sex abuser
who left home to become a mother
but at the hospital could not recover.

I’m for the new kid on the block,
the fretting youth with the acne spots.
Life’s learning curve is quite a shock –
avoid the school of hard knocks

I’ll raise a glass to the under-achievers,
the ones who should be self-believers,
whose life is hard but could be better.

The moral of this poem is
love yourself and love your neighbour –
you couldn’t do better?

An Act of Kindness
The bus driver waits
as the late passenger scurries for the bus.

In a nearby street
bouquets of flower are tied to a tree,
remembering a dear friend that has fallen.
A child cries and mother wipes the tears away.

An act of kindness,
someone is thoughtful,
someone cares.

Can one kind act save the world?
Yes…I think it has…
Heavenly kindness.

Industrial Therapy Unit
Down in St Bernard’s
in the deep dark depths
there lurks the Industrial Therapy Unit.
You sit alongside people that are
demoralised and deserve better.

Tightening screws, tightening screws, tightening screws
Repetitive and boring
Repetitive and boring
Repetitive and boring

The last bastion of the sanctimonious
institution of Victorian hypocrisy.
Once here how can you look the world
in the face?

Humbuggery, humbuggery, humbuggery –
the last vestiges of the asylum
where people in authority
who should know better
should know better.
Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

by Joe Kelly and Jenny Keown