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A forthcoming book with Gallery Cru... / 2 October 2011

digitised image of the artist Charles Devus

Totem - a digitised self-portrait of the artist Charles Devus from a photo by Jo Goetz

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When I exhibited at the Impact Art Fair last May and was invited to Berlin I was also persuaded to appear in a book on artists and their work. The Berlin invite soon dissipated into nebulous muddle but the idea of the book prevailed. Unfortunately I had forgotten all about it. I was soon reminded and advised to make myself available to be photographed for the forthcoming volume.

When my buzzer rang on 26 August, last. I initially thought it was Southern Electric with whom I was embroiled in a legal battle following extortionate charges that racked up to £400. Their attempt to take me to court collapsed spectacularly when I chose to defend it. Their representative deserted the company and has not been seen by them since, though it has been rumoured he is currently at HM Prison Lewes, though whether in the capacity of inmate or custodian who can tell.

Smile Please
Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from Kolja from the Gallery Cru in Berlin. I had not seen Kolja since Impact and he had brought with him Jo Goetz, a photographer. I showed them some of my portfolios including Justin Sane, the prints from Mercurius Moronicus, my recent Big Issue featured picture and the Red on Black pen and ink drawings of the same family; some erotica and digital paintings and the map of the city of Rowfiontine I am completing for Simon Powell of Creative Future as the backdrop for the Justin Sane project.

Jo took a great number of photographs. Me drawing. Me playing blues guitar and the charango and me posing by the seafront. They are masterful works. The idea is that I am to feature in a book along with other artists. Each one will receive a selection of photographs, three of which are to be chosen by the artist who will then manipulate the image to their own desire. These doctored works will then feature alongside the originals. Jo showed me a previous photobook complied around the same idea.

We spent about two hours at this before they went off to visit Russell Jones, another Creative Future foot soldier and one of those whose work was featured at the Impact Art Fair.

Justin Sane storyboards
Jo despatched an envelope counting A4 colour prints of the pictures for me to select three. I did this and the three pictures of me duly turned up measuring 60 x 80cm. These are very flattering but I’m a miniaturist, happiest telling stories in picture and had already decided to work digitally on scanned versions of the originals. I am planning to use the graphics I create from the photos as backdrops for Justin Sane storyboards.

Watch this space for further details!