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Photo of Bernadette's foot with a spilt medicine bottle and pills on the floor

Photo © Robin James

A day in the life of Joan...

After her initial email (a day in the life of…) I have extended the fictional email correspondence with Joan - one of the characters in 'Altered Egos'.

Hi Joan…seems to me that you (and the kids) could do without the same old wallpaper, pet… I know your mum drives you mad but as you get older you realise that these things come as standard eh? im so relieved to hear you put the portrait into storage. I know you’re juggling fire Joan, but if there’s anything I can do... ?

Thanks…no I'm fine. There’s been no real interest in the house yet, but I know these things take time. The weather here has been lovely. I'm so glad we came away; really doing the kids good. Hope you’re well?

Hi… hope all's well with you Danny and Chloe. Glad to hear you’re resting. I was talking to my neighbour today and her brother is moving up your way for a year in June, July…something to do with work? Are you still considering letting the house? If so shall I give her your number?

Hi. Yes please do give her my number. Thank you. Strange timing as I'm going back to Manchester on Thursday… cant stay away forever. Would be great if your neighbours interested…

Hi…I thought you said you were staying with your mum another week? Why the sudden change? Is everything ok?

Hi yes everything’s fine…ive just decided that its time I went back to face the music…as I say I can’t stay away forever. I’m also aware that the kids are missing their friends bless them…they don’t say but I know. My mums¬† been amazing Bernadette im going to really miss her. There’s a great little saying I heard once it goes…Q: ’why is a woman like a teabag? A: ‘because you don’t know how strong she is till you put her in boiling water.’ Well my mum has shown her true colours this time. It's ridiculous but I feel I’ve got to know her more in these last two weeks than in the rest of my life. I'm ashamed that it took this to bring us closer again. All that wasted time… over nothing when you look at it in perspective. Ridiculous.

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 12 December 2011

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 14 December 2011