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A day in the life of Patsy...

To further my conversations with the characters in 'Altered Egos' - my series of monologues - I have extended the fictional email correspondence with Patsy. Let me know what you think.

Dear Miss Cremin
Automated reply… Please note that all correspondence with Miss Devlin must be sent via Dr Harvey’s secretary. Thank you.

To whom it may concern, can you please advise me how to make contact with Miss Patsy Devlin. Thanking you kindly.

Dear Miss Cremin thank you for your email regarding Ms Devlin dated 30 october. I am afraid Dr Harvey is on holiday until 19th November. If you would like to contact this office there after I will forward your query for his attention. Yours (pp)

Dear Dr Harvey I trust you had a pleasant holiday. Can you please advise me how to make contact with Miss Patsy Devlin. Thank you kindly…

Dear Miss Cremin. I understand that you wish to make contact with Miss Devlin? In order to take this request further can I please ask you to email my secretary on or call 01273 679635 to answer a few simple questions. Sincerely

Dear Miss Cremin. Thank you for your call last Thursday. I have spoken with Dr Harvey and bearing in mind the nature of your relationship with Miss Devlin he thinks it advisable not to contact her at this time. He feels she is particularly vulnerable at the moment due to a revised medication programme and is allowing only her parents to visit. As I explained, Miss Devlin is being held under section 3 following the unsuccessful attempt of supervised community treatment following her discharge in August. Her case will be reviewed in april next year. Sincerely (pp)

Thank you very much but what on earth is meant by "the nature of our relationship" that makes it unadvisable for me to have contact with Miss Devlin? How can this evaluation be made when I have neither seen nor spoken to Dr Harvey? Can you please advise me how to make an appointment with him to do so. Thank you

Dear Miss Cremin I am afraid that as you are not directly related to Miss Devlin, Dr Harvey is not available for consultation. If you have any further questions regarding sectioning and related issues please visit or call 03005000927. Sincerely

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 24 October 2011

Last modified by Anonymous, 6 November 2011