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> > > Review: Battle for the Winds with Breathe at Weymouth live site
Dance troop on stage wearing costumes made from recycled parts, with brown an a base colour and coloured parts on top creating a ragged effect.

'The Breathers'. Image: Richard Jeffery


The impressive Olympic live site on Weymouth beach provided the setting for the culmination of Battle for the Winds incorporating the Unlimited commission Breathe. The large-scale outdoor performance took place on 28th of July to mark the beginning of the sailing events at the stunning Dorset location.

The free-to-enter family event was packed out for the culmination of a three-day long series of events that played out the story of the 7 winds being collected and battling in order to get the best winds the Olympic sailing events. The intriguing wind gathering contraptions were situated around the live site. The audience was invited to promenade and interact with the characters from the seven regions in the South West.

The action began as Aeolus, father of the winds, summoned his children from all corners of the region to battle to be the strongest wind to help the sailors. The strength, agility and artistry of the Cirque Bijou performers was displayed through the aerial circus skills above the crowd.

As the performance played out the breathers came to the stage to save the Aeolus and his children from the evil Doldrum. Gini, Liz Porter and Trish Wheatley were there to witness this spectacle.