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Brollywood - the sequel

30 May 2015

Blog Gini

close-up of a broken clear glass jar surrounded by spilt brown sugar on a pale-honey coloured tiled floor

Did you? Did we what? Vote Farage of course! Don't ask. Don't mention politics. Ever. That was the last time; we are not going to be part of it any more. But you used to be such staunch Greens... I mean it. We've had enough. We won't be voting again. Anyway it was a tactical thing, we've been fed up with the situation for years, but we still had dreams of getting the Conservatives out. We just don't believe in it any more. And it's quite pointless discussing it....


29 May 2015

Blog Gini

This is an egg, cracked into a clear glass bowl with the yolk punctured in two places to form a yellow mickey mouse head: the bowl sits on green and white quilted gingham fabric.

You voted what? You heard me: Tory. To fully illustrate my reaction to this I should leave an empty page or two; wordless, utterly wordless. And when I do gather myself to respond: how could you, it sounds so pathetic. I even followed it up with: but you're disabled. He is. Disabled and in his second year awaiting a PIP decision. I flounder.  I've always voted Conservative, he offers. I'm a fully paid up believer in the Capitalist religion and yes, they axed our arts funding,...

Excitement at the final composition 'Towards Harmony' plus an introduction to Paraorchestra member Clarence Adoo

22 May 2015

Blog Lloyd Coleman: The Sound of Disability

photo of Headspace performer Clarence Adoo in concert

My composition Towards Harmony is now finished and ready to be premiered by the British Paraorchestra on 3 July in the Colston Hall, Bristol. Watch the video below to hear a sample of the final composition and to hear an interview with Clarence Adoo, founder member of the Paraorchestra and the Headspace Ensemble.  Clarence illustrates how the Headspace works and how he came to develop the instrument with Rolf Gelhaar using sound beam technology as the starting point....

Election Fever – like Ebola but more fatal

18 May 2015

Blog Richard Butchins

sepia portrait of writer Richard Butchins

So, we recently had an election, in case anybody missed it, and I nearly did. The result was mind numbingly predictable the Tories won in England and the SNP in Scotland and nobody has any idea what happened in Wales.   I see much moaning and wailing about the outcome and what it means for disabled people; the thing is it doesn’t mean much.  It will be business as usual under a Tory government. Labour espoused much the same welfare and arts policies as the Tories (not to mention...

Musings on the subject of PEG limericks

18 May 2015

Blog Allan Sutherland

book of Shakespeare sonnets open at page 18

In my last post I mentioned the difficulty of finding a rhyme for ‘percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy’. I was subsequently challenged, by the Miriam Rothschild Chair of Environmental Biology at the University of Cambridge, also known as my brother Bill,  to produce a limerick on the subject. I believe he thought I would not be up to the task. It is part of the role of an elder brother to provide an appropriate response to such insubordination. Hence the following (which may,...

Name a thing and it is: on the process of finding titles and character names…

18 May 2015

Blog Kaite O'Reilly

We all have to die. My next play 'Cosy' is a darkly comedic look at the joys and humiliations of ageing and how we shuffle off this mortal coil. The rising tensions between three generations of a dysfunctional family ask us to consider what choices we really have in a world obsessed with eternal youth, and whether we truly own ourselves. I recently befuddled a friend with the title ‘Cosy’. ‘But it’s about growing up, and ageing, and rubbish families and...

News: Arts Council England announces pioneering partnership for disability and diversity

13 May 2015


News: Arts Council England announces pioneering partnership for disability and diversity

Led by New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, ‘Ramps on the Moon’ will bring together a collaborative network of seven National portfolio organisation theatres including New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich and strategic partner Graeae Theatre - Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Nottingham Playhouse, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse and Sheffield Theatres.

Review: Touretteshero goes Backstage to Biscuitland

12 May 2015


On election night in the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre we learn that “Nigel Farage is at home washing his tortoise.” And Jess Thom aka Touretteshero is on fire, an irrepressible force of nature, welcoming her audience to Biscuitland with a charm and an affectionate grin that cannot fail to woo. Review by Colin Hambrook

Review: Daily Life Ltd: Expert View Symposium... let them eat cake

11 May 2015


Led by Dr. Bobby Baker and the team at Daily Life Ltd, The Expert View Symposium promised to be an entertaining, inspiring and fun day of discussion, debate and performance, relevant to anyone with an interest in understanding the relationship between the Arts and Mental Health. Colin Hambrook was there, amongst other things, for the butterscotch cake.

The Sound of Disability

21 May 2015


As part of an Arts Council funded programme of work, Dao is engaging with freelance writers to commission opinion pieces and interviews, instigating wider debate about music and disabled musicians that creates a greater understanding of where music sits with disability arts. As part of this programme of work Dao has commissioned a young disabled composer Lloyd Coleman to produce a piece of music for the British...

Interview: Claire Cunningham on Give Me A Reason To Live

15 May 2015


Choreographer and performer Claire Cunningham talks to Colin Hambrook about her new solo performance ‘Give Me  A Reason To Live’. Exploring religious art, and the questions it raises about impaired bodies and quality of life, the work takes the form of a series of tests of body and of faith. Stripped down the work is a study in the notion of empathy.

Opinion: Crips mean cash: disability as a commodity

23 April 2015


The media has caught on to the idea that ‘worthiness’ sells. As a result disabled people have been more prominent on tv and within the arts, yet as a group we have been getting a rawer deal since the 2012 Paralympics says, tv producer/ director Richard Butchins.

SenseAbility presentation: Ten Years of Dao: a potted history

17 June 2014


Dao Editor Colin Hambrook was invited to speak about Disability Arts Online at SenseAbility – an event held at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham from 10-14 June. The festival, exploring inclusion in the arts and community, was organized by Tanvir Bush in partnership with Bath Spa University. This feature contains a transcript of his presentation

Debjani Chatterjee: A Miscellany

13 January 2015


Award-winning poet-translator, Debjani Chatterjee MBE, shares a few poems from her collections, including her latest book 'Do You Hear the Storm Sing?' (Core Publications, winter 2014). She has been called 'a rainbow spirit' (Paul Beasley) and 'a voice of rare originality' (David Morley).